Corporate Social Responsibility

   Devotes to green product design, implement environmental protection.
   Create safe, equitable and transparent benefit between employees and holders.
   Participate in Society activities improvement and perform civic responsibility.

Business Policy

King Slide strives for greatest benefit by maintaining good business management under safe, equality and public basis. While pursuing performance and business continuity, King Slide also set up internal regulation and obey government ordinance to make contribution to the society and environment.

Green energy and environmental protection

King Slide provide design based on "easy recyclable, low pollution, safe material and energy" concept through rigorous control during the production. We obey environmental regulation and certified by ISO 14001 and RoHS. Besides water and electricity reduction and safe resources, we also regular the waste reduction each year.

Community Care

Besides developing new design, King Slide also prosecutes its duties with community and Build up positive communication and interaction.King Slide also proactively takes participation in community activities and assist educational institutions in providing solutions to community problems.