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King Slide Works Co., Ltd
  King Slide was founded in 1986 as a furniture hardware manufacturer. With advanced material processing and surface treatment technology, and strong production design integration with tooling and machinery, King Slide has successfully become an international renowned ODM supplier of green product in server rail kit & industrial rail and a power house in home furniture hardware after years of continuous innovation and development. The outstanding quality and easy to use design earned it a great reputation among world server and Network leaders as well as EMS and ODM companies. It is also a certified supplier to many leading companies in high-end furniture, kitchen and household appliances.

Address: No. 299, Shun An Rd., Lu Zhu Dist., Kaohsiung City 82150, Taiwan
Tel: +886-7-959-9688
Fax: +886-7-696-7018
Mail : sales@kingslide.com
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