Member Benefits

Right and Benefits :
  1. King Slide e-Mall is a membership system. Users who intend to shop at our furniture accessories and 3C product categories may apply for member by filling up adequate personal information on site.
  2. King Slide e-Mall is also a network trading platform that integrates our local distributors offering service worldwide. Users may choose distributor in their district or the area nearby before purchase for time and cost saving.
  3. King Slide e-Mall is network trading platform that integrate with our area distributors offering service worldwide. Therefore discounts, method of payment, shipping may be different from different distributors. Please check if the service provided from the distributors meet your requirement.
  4. Members will receive the latest information of new products and discounts. King Slide e-Mall takes orders 24 hours. You can query the status of your order, edit your information and view the record of shopping at "Account".
  5. Members will lose all rights of membership once the account being canceled.
  6. Please fill in the correct information for your right.
  7. If you have any question about the specifications and functions of products, please contact us or distributors in case of ordering wrong products.