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  Most people think slides are only used on furniture drawers. In fact, there are various forms of slides in home appliances such as the pantry or the crisper of refrigeration, dish washer and oven. King Slide offers a diversified product lines that meet these demands.

household appliances
Refrigerator To not contaminate the smell of the food inside the refrigerator, pantry and crisper are designed to store food and fruit on different rooms. King Slide has the runner for refrigerator that moves the pantry smoothly in and out. kitchen cabinet The hidden dish washer inside the kitchen cabinet is a gorgeous place to store dishes and bowls. With the specially designed soft close runner, the dish dryer tray can be smoothly pulled open and closed gently to protect your valuable china.
dishwasher Be they chopsticks or the usual cutleries; all kitchen utensils can easily be arranged and segregated inside the dishwasher for cleaning and drying. With the wonderfully designed push open rail, a simple nudge provides you with all the access. It will be your perfect kitchen little helper. oven A good oven is a dream to all cooks, not only does the heat need to be evenly distributed, but the grills need to be easily accessible. Specially designed oven rail is one of the critical parts to perfect the oven.
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If you want to understand the application of special slide rails or other related questions, please call Phone +886-7-9599688 or use services on the site Contact us . Fill in the relevant information enquiry, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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