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9252 Adjustable Concealed Soft-Close Hinges
The soft-closing force can be adjusted to your preference simply with one switch

   Installing the soft-close hinges is to eliminate the slamming sound when closing the door of cabinets. The soft-close function that allows the door to move slowly to a fully closed position can prevent not only the pinch by the door but the wear and tear of cabinets. The more hinges are installed, the stronger the soft-close force is. The new 9252 hinges can be adjusted to the most desired soft-close motion in accordance with the size of the door and the number of hinges.

9252 Adjustable Concealed Soft-Close Hinges

9252 Adjustable Concealed Soft-Close Hinges
Two tiered Buffer Mechanism. Fast Response, Silent & Durable
The two tiered soft-close mechanism of '9252 Adjustable Soft-Close Hinges' adopts independent hydraulic dampers that can be disconnected and substituted with an ease. You can simply open the cabinet with light force and close it silently. The newly-designed damper can effectively absorb the closing force to reduce the closing speed and eliminate the noises.
1 Soft-close activation zone: 40~50 The door shuts completely with fast response.
2 Force-free zone: The door can be held still in any position.
9252 Adjustable Concealed Soft-Close Hinges
6-Way Fine-tune Adjustment for Perfect Alignment
Without disassembling the hinge, you can easily fine tune the door alignment with 6-way adjustment design.
1 Height Adjustment: +/- 2.0mm
2 Side Adjustment: Left-0.5mm Right-3.5mm
3 Depth Adjustment: +/-2.25mm
9252 Adjustable Concealed Soft-Close Hinges
105° Degree Opening Angle for Door Thickness 16 – 22mm
  Life cycle: 80,000 cycles under normal usage and installation.
櫥櫃鉸鏈 Hiding cabinets in the walls makes the room looks more spacious. Use the 105 degree concealed hinges and slide to make the roll out tray from the wall cabinet, it will increase the convenience to store the stuff. 櫥櫃鉸鏈 The two staged 9256 Concealed Soft Close Hinge break the traditional mechanical design and offers a smoothly opening feature with its independent hydraulic damper. Unlike other hinges, 9526 can accommodate door thickness up to 30mm and the installation tolerance can be adjustable during assembly.
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