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King Slide is your best choice for the highest quality slides and hinges

Process Control + Stable Quality = Perfect Presentation of Craftsmanship

Over the years, we have been dedicated ourselves to the integration of product design, tooling development and automation upgrade to ensure our products are made from the highest quality standard. To be competitive in the global market, we put great effort in compliant to international standard and implement efficient manufacturing. As a responsible citizen of the world, King Slide pays much attention on Corporate Social Responsibility not only developing green products, but also creating healthy and safe environment for all our employees.
SLIDE 4 RIGHT. Smart Selection
Each step is the motivation moving forward.
  How to choose suitable slide products?
  Simply pick up the right drawer runner by four steps.

Slide 4 Right

Step Application:
  • >home furniture
  • >medical cart, or special application
  • >Choose Function
  • >Choose Dimension
  • >Correct Installation
  • >Fine-tune Adjustment
Enjoy the smoothness of opening and closing
Service we provide
  • >Determine the weight loading or other requirement
  • >Specification Sheet on King Slide website
  • >View on-line catalogue on King Slide website
  • >Q&A and trouble-shooting on King Slide website
  • >Installation guide on King Slide Youtube channel
  • >E-mail to answer your question.
  • >WeChat app to share the news
Precise Technology Safety Guarantee
All we do is to fulfil our promise to bring reliable, safe, and sophisticated products to our customers. It includes the selection of best material, exceeds 50,000 life cycle test, and strict quality control on every manufacturing process.

Strict Quality Control on Every Manufacturing Process

*Life cycle varies depending on product category and specifications
Pass 24 hours salt-spray test
Max. loading capacity(kg./set)
Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty
34 45 50~90
   Your Style You Decide
To satisfy different requirement from various function to space organization, King Slide provides product recommendations for top luxury, contemporary modern and simply DIY furniture. You can find the suitable slide runners and hinge for your own design easily..
Classification        Object / Type of Furniture                      Product Recommendation
Brilliant taste for luxury article
Top branded high-end furniture
Under Mount
Soft Close
Push Open & Soft Close
Simplex Soft Close
Push Open
Thick door
Ordinary door
Face Frame
Creative elite for high quality
Contract system furniture
Soft Close
Push Open
Thick door
Ordinary door
Skilled talent for orderly life
DIY (RTA) furniture
Ball Bearing Slides
Self Close
3M01 / 3301
9203 / 9218