King Slide invests heavily in advancing our manufacturing technologies and product designs. Our talented R&D team sits at the heart of King Slide’s operation, driving innovation through outstanding designs that are more user-friendly, safe and convenient for our customers.

We introduced the thinnest, tool-free server rail kits, which were approved and certified by leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM).
We developed the world’s first all mechanical push open and soft-close runner system, and was consequently granted the Best of KBIS 2010 Golden Award and the IWF Challengers Award.
We presented the world’s first safety drawer system, Simlead, with three breakthrough innovations, namely Ever-Active Push Open, Switchable Push Open and Vibration Safety Designs (VSD). These advancements bring about greater convenience to people’s daily life, and are a more user-friendly solution for home living. Our Simlead drawer system was recognised by the Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2019.

King Slide never fails to deliver product solutions, regardless of the complexity of any customer requirements. It is our persistence to innovate and transform the quality of living that led us to own more than two thousand patents worldwide. In future, King Slide will continue to offer innovative and disruptive products that revolutionize people’s lives.