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The Simple & Humanized Design
for Wood Drawers
SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System
with Push-Open, Silent Soft-Closing and VSD.
Three Innovations:
Vibration Safety Design  (VSD)
Drawer does not pop out under accidental shaking or vibration*.
*Vibration magnitude varies with drawer loading.
Ever-Active Push-Open Design
Drawer can be push-opened from a closed or any partially-opened position and smoothly soft-closed without bouncing back.
Switchable Push-Open Design
Push-open function can be enabled or disabled by a simple flip of a switch. Designers are able to adjust the product function based on their needs.
User-Friendly Mechanical Design.
More Safety, Smoothness and Durability
World’s first VSD, ever-active push-open design and switchable push-open design grant the safety and convenience of SIMLEAD slides. The user-oriented safety characteristic is designed to enable the push-open ejecting strength to be gentler. The drawer automatically stops when bumping into an object during push-open movement. The synchronized movement system of roller carriage design not only eliminates noises but also increase the product life and stability.

8-Way Adjustments
for Perfect Alignments
New Soft-Close Mechanical Design, Better Performance
Load Capacity
Up to 88 & 132 lbs
Aligning the gaps around the drawer front and depth can be done more precisely with new 8-Way Adjustments.
The new covered soft close device is light and dust-proof. The activation of soft close mechanism contributes to reducing noises and vibration that optimizes the smooth running action.
New profile and ball bearing mechanism can carry maximum 88 and 132 lbs (40 & 60 kg) stably.

Soft Closing Undermount Slide Drawer Side w/o Tilt
w/ Tilt
Heavy Duty (60kg) 16 mm 1D97 1D98
19 mm 1E97 1E98
Medium Duty (40kg) 16 mm 1F97 1F98
19 mm 1G97 1G98
Face Framed
Heavy Duty (60kg) 16 mm 1D97F 1D98F
19 mm 1E97F 1E98F
Medium Duty (40kg) 16 mm 1F97F 1F98F
19 mm 1G97F 1G98F
Push Open + Soft Closing
Undermount Slide
Drawer Side w/o Tilt
w/ Tilt
Heavy Duty (60kg) 16 mm 1D85 1D86
19 mm 1E85 1E86
Medium Duty (40kg) 16 mm 1F85 1F86
19 mm 1G85 1G86
Face Framed
Heavy Duty (60kg) 16 mm 1D85F 1D86F
19 mm 1E85F 1E86F
Medium Duty (40kg) 16 mm 1F85F 1F86F
19 mm 1G85F 1G86F

SIMLEAD Bottom Mount Slide w/o Tilt Adjustment
(Medium Duty 40kg, 16~19 mm)
Face Framed
(Medium Duty 40kg, 16~19 mm)

If you would like to learn the application of SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System or other related issues, please send your enquiry through Contact Us and we will arrange someone to contact you as soon as we can.

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