SIMLEAD Wood Drawer System
Undermount and Bottom-Mount Slides
Smooth, Safe and Durable
A concealed gliding solution with enhanced safety and convenience

Ever-Active Push Open Design

Hands-free drawer opening with just a light touch, especially when your hands are busy. The drawer opens with a gentle ejection force and stops softly if it hits an object. To extend the drawer, simply touch again to slide out.

Switchable Push Open Design

A 2-in-1 solution: you can easily change from a dual-function setting with push open and soft close to a soft close only setting at a flip of a switch.

Vibration Safety Design (VSD)

Secures and locks the drawer in a closed position during transportation or any unexpected vibration (e.g., earthquakes), preventing injuries from furniture tip-overs.

8-Way Adjustment

Front panel alignment can be precisely done with our built-in mechanisms.
1. Depth (In & Out) Adjustment: +/-2.5mm
2. Side-to-side (Left & Right) Adjustment: +/-1.5mm
3. Height (Up) Adjustment : +3.5mm
4. Tilt Adjustment

40 & 60kg (88 & 132lb) Loading Capacities

The improved runner profile enables a high load bearing of up to 60kg (132lb).

Enhanced Soft Close Design

The sawdust-proof design optimizes the sliding action through minimizing noises and vibration.

Maximize Drawer Space

1X97 bottom-mount slide enables effective use of storage space and design flexibility.

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SIMLEAD Push Open+ Soft Close Undermount Slide
SIMLEAD Soft Close Undermount Slide
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