Audit committee
Audit committee
Audit Committee members are tasked with the following duties:
I. Stipulation and amendment of internal control system in accordance with Article 14-1 of the Securities and Exchange Act.
II. Assessment of internal control system effectiveness.
II. Stipulation or amendment of the Procedures for the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets, Derivative Trading or External Party Lending, Endorsement and Guarantee in accordance with Article 36-1 of the Securities and Exchange Act.
IV. Matters involving the personal interests of directors.
V. Major asset or derivative trading.
VI. Major lending, endorsement or guarantee.
VII.Public offering, issuance, or private offering of equity securities.
VIII. Appointment, discharge, and remuneration of certified public accountants.
IX. Appointment and removal of chief officers of finance, accounting, and internal audit.
X. Annual financial reports which are signed or sealed by the chairperson, managers, and accounting officer, and second quarter financial reports that must be audited and attested by a CPA.
XI. Annual business reports and profit distribution tables or loss apportionment tables
XII. Other significant matters stipulated by the Company or competent authorities.
2022 Audit Committee members and operations
The Audit Committee is composed of four independent directors of the company. The Audit Committee held 6 meetings (A) in 2022.
TitleNameAttendance Count (B)Proxy Attendance CountActual Attendance rate % (B/A)Note
ConvenerHsu, Fang-Yih6-100.00-
Committee memberCai, Wen-Zhi6-100.00-
Committee memberWu, Hsiu6-100.00-
Committee memberYang, Fu-Hsuan6-100.00-

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