Undermount Slides

1. Smoothness troubleshooting
1. Ensure the side space between the cabinet and the drawer is within the specified range, and that the slides on both sides are parallel, aligned and levelled.
2. For face frame cabinets, please also ensure that the rear brackets are mounted correctly and securely - they must be aligned and levelled.
3. Ensure both slides are firmly clipped onto the locking devices.

2. Noise from the slide operation
Possible causes
1. The rear notch size and/or position are incorrect, making it inadequate for the rear hooks to hold the drawer in place.
2. The residual sawdust from the installation can cause an unsmooth and noisy drawer operation.
1. Ensure the diameter and positions of the rear notches on the back of the drawer are correct.
2. Pre-drill the mounting holes before fixing the slides with the screws to minimize residual sawdust during the installation.
3. Remove and clean the sawdust off the slide members.   

3. Push open slides not ejecting properly
Possible causes
1. The slides are not levelled or parallel.
2. Imprecise cabinet and/or drawer dimensions.
3. Out of shape cabinet and/or drawer.
1. Ensure the slides are levelled and parallel to each other.
2. Ensure the cabinet and drawer dimensions are within the specified range.
3. Check the diagonal lines of the cabinet and drawer to make sure that they are either in a square or rectangular shape. Fix any irregular shaped cabinet and/or drawer such as a diamond or trapezoid shape.