Sustainability Overview

King Slide complies with Global Reporting Initiative and UN Sustainable Development Goals in disclosing our continuous effort in achieving environmental sustainability, social contribution and transparent governance.

King Slide Group was extremely honored to be one of the nine companies in Taiwan to receive an “AA” rating from MSCI ESG Ratings in 2020.


King Slide considers four important factors at the initial product design stage, namely, easily recyclable, low pollution, resource and energy conservation. We also comply strictly with environmental regulations during production and are certified by ISO 14001 and RoHS. In addition to water, energy and resource conservation, King Slide is committed to its annual waste reduction target, striving to protect the environment and achieve environmental sustainability.


In addition to developing safe and high quality products, King Slide is committed to give back to the society in various ways, including giving monetary support, supplies and volunteer work to those in need. The Company also actively participates in community activities, establishes effective communication with the community, and works with local schools to solve community problems.


King Slide strives to achieve sustainable operation and maintain a well-functioning governance structure on the basis of safety, fairness, openness and transparency. We comply with relevant government regulations and set up internal regulations to optimize the benefits and rights of employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. While pursuing profitability and product quality, King Slide is also committed to making valuable contributions to the economy, the society and our environment.