ULEAD Undermount Slides
A Perfect Blend of Luxury and Simplicity
The World’s First All-Mechanical Push Open and Soft Close Slide, Making the Impossible Possible
King Slide helps create your dream home. Our mechanical designs enable smooth opening and quiet closing motions without electric power. A fantastic way to enjoy greater convenience while conserving energy. Our undermount slides are the solution to your quality lifestyle. They support an extensive variety of cabinet designs and are brilliantly hidden away, giving your creativity free rein to design your perfect home space.
The Solution to a Quality Lifestyle
The mechanical design that brings about a smooth and quiet drawer operation.
A Revolutionary Slide

An all-mechanical design that integrates push open and soft close functions into a single undermount slide profile. Every detail is meticulously designed to achieve an ultra-smooth gliding motion.

Flexible and Ergonomic Usage

The drawer opens with a light push, contrary to sensor-based drawers which often open by accident. The hydraulic damping system incorporated into the soft close design absorbs shocks and makes silent closing possible.

Tool-less Adjustment

3-dimensional front panel adjustment can be found at the bottom-front of the drawer.*
* Varies depending on the model


1A89 push open undermount slide is the perfect solution to make the most of small spaces, either next to the TV, under the sofas or coffee tables. They are ideal places for sorting your books and magazines. This handleless system gives you more design flexibility to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.
1A68 soft close undermount slide, together with warm lightings and soft beds, help create a Zen bedroom. A serene space for a quiet and relaxing experience.
1A88 push open and soft close undermount slide is suited for diverse storage ideas. Designers and project managers can enjoy endless space planning possibilities – an immaculate combination of design and practical use.
King Slide’s undermount series is highly versatile, allowing you to maximize the storage space under your bed and sofa. Whether it be children’s toys, snacks or magazines, all are easily accessible. The possibilities are limitless.

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