Home Appliances
Applications throughout your home
Whether it be your refrigerator, oven or warming drawer, our slides can be used to improve your home living experience
Beyond the use of slides in commonly known storage spaces, there are in fact many more applications in home appliances. King Slide’s diverse product lines can meet all sorts of requirements.
To avoid cross contamination and extend the freshness of the produce, crisper drawers were introduced to allow separate storage compartments. King Slide’s specialized runners can be used alongside the crisper drawer for a smooth access.
King Slide’s specially designed food grade runners are perfect for your dish dryer. They provide a smooth and stable gliding motion in order to protect your precious tableware.
Having an excellent oven is the dream for every home cook. With King Slide’s food grade stainless steel slides, not only does accessing the grills and trays become much easier, the stable support gives you ease of mind when handling hot food. They are an essential hardware for a reliable, durable and safe oven.
A warming drawer is increasingly popular and desirable among home chefs. Our slides are great complements to this, ensuring easy and safe access to your warmed plates.
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