Server Rail Kits & Cable Management Arm (CMA)
Quick installation and customizable ultra-thin server slide rail kits, electronic device rail kits and CMA for a safe and convenient cloud computing data center.
Innovation, research and development capabilities with thousands of patents

King Slide Group has more than 30 years of experience in designing ball bearing slides rails and mechanical mechanisms. King Slide brand is internationally recognized for our consistent creation of reliable, safe, and innovative products. We continue to introduce breakthrough mechanical designs. Our manufacturing and quality assurance processes are certified by international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. Over the past decades, King Slide has worked closely with globally-recognized server manufacturers to deliver total solutions, securing a strong market position with our extensive experience in the IT industry.

Professional and customizable ultra-thin server slide rail kits help you build reliable and efficient enterprise-class cloud computing servers.

Our slide rails can be customized according to customers’ requirements. These include various cloud computing electronic equipment (e.g., server, switch hub, storage, UPS, KVM and more), related rack-mount kits, and industrial slide rails. Our innovative tool-less installation design and cable management arm enable IT staff to install and remove servers with ease, enhancing the efficiency of daily maintenance. Our solutions are the key to building a professional and highly efficient cloud data center and server room.

Strengths and Features of King Slide
With our innovative development capability, we specialize in designing the finest and user-friendly mechanical slide rails for our customers. In addition, our solutions ensure that the electronic devices are in safe and reliable conditions.
Multiple selections
Vast Selections
A variety of server rail kits, suitable for any standard or brand-new server specifications.
Ultra-slim/thin and heavy loading
Ultra-thin and Heavy Loading
Ultra-thin slide rail design not only supports a vast range of server products and rack designs, it is also able to withstand heavy loadings as well as meeting UL safety tests.

Tool-less installation
Tool-less Installation
Efficient maintenance and troubleshooting are essential to improving time management for tech firms. Our special tool-less installation design allows single-person assembly and removal of servers, which helps you manage your data centers more effectively.
Smooth Sliding and lock
Smooth and Safe Operation
High precision ball bearing slide design enables stable and smooth sliding movement. The additional combination of multiple locking mechanisms further enhances slide stability and improve the safety of operators during maintenance.
Standard configuration
Standard Configuration
Cable Management Arm (CMA) neatly organizes various cables in the server rack to declutter, reducing maintenance time. It helps provide better airflow and improves server cooling efficiency, maintaining the most optimal server performance.

With over 30 years of experience in developing tooling and mechanical designs, along with reliable manufacturing capabilities, King Slide has continued to innovate, designing user-friendly and safe products. Along the way, we have obtained more than two thousand patents worldwide. Our exceptional ability to innovate and decades of experience have earned us trust and lasting business relationships among international server, storage, and cloud device makers.
International certification
International Certification
Our manufacturing process and quality assurance are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. All products are in compliance with ROHS regulations. In addition, King Slide is committed to the RBA Code of Conduct.
With advanced automation and reliable production technologies, as well as innovative R&D capabilities, King Slide is able to promptly provide original and comprehensive total solutions to customers. With our speedy assistance to deliver the latest trending designs, our customers are able to seize more opportunities and enjoy an improved competitive advantage.

Considerations for server slide rail kits selection:
1. Space between the rack and chassis (Installation side space)
2. Chassis dimension (height, width and depth), and chassis weight
3. The slide rail travel length
4. Type of locking mechanism for securing the slide rail and chassis
5. Tool-less assembly method

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