Ball Bearing Slides
Reliable Quality with Extensive Applications
One of King Slide’s Best Selling Series, Ranging from Light, Medium to Heavy Duty Slides
Our ball bearing slides are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, providing an all-round user experience. They are easy to install and are able to withstand high loading capacities - a dependable solution for a wide array of applications. We put our slides through rigorous testing to ensure your safety and a long-lasting performance. You can enjoy a convenient home living with peace of mind.
3M51A Full Extension Self Close Ball Bearing Slide
● Ultra-smooth gliding motion with high stability and durability
● Guaranteed 50,000 life cycles under proper installation and normal usage
Original Mechanical Design

Silent soft close – an improved system with a light opening force.
Push open – a robust design able to withstand forced openings without any damages.
Self close – a soft stop control without a damping system.

Excellent Performance and Maintenance-Free

Ultra-smooth gliding motion that is stable and durable – a lifelong satisfaction.

Extensive Options

Openings: ¾ partial extension, full extension or over extension.
Loading capacities: from 23kg (50lb) light duty, 45kg (100lb) medium duty to 90kg (200lb) heavy duty.
Colors: clear zinc or black.
Additional features: lock-out.


Bathroom vanity: wire baskets allow you to easily distinguish all stored items and quickly locate what you are looking for.
Kitchen Storage: organize your food containers and bottles neatly in the wire baskets.
Wardrobe Storage: alongside the usual clothes hanging space, incorporating wire basket sections helps maximize your wardrobe space.
Get creative with your storage plan: try out different storage ideas for your personal garments or even accessories!

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