King Slide Consumer Electronics

Who We Are


Inheriting from years of craftsmanship and continuous innovation, King Slide Technology creates new mobile phone with feature of uniqueness, novelty and exquisiteness that breaks through market framework and subverts people’s imagination to market phones.

What We Do

Core Capabilities: Seamless Integration of Design, Manufacturing, and Assembly Processes.

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, King Slide is able to meet demanding timeline and provide tailored solutions by successfully integrating key aspects of product development from design, manufacturing, assembly, to reliability testing.

Innovation in Research and Development.

■ Mechanical Design
- Special luster finish with flowing curves creating a texture of luxury and express uniqueness among others.
- Fully metallic design increase aesthetic and durability of the phone.

■ Value added to the ordinary
- Quick disassemble/assemble without any screws.
- Benefit users, sellers and makers cost and time effectiveness on maintenance.

Intuitive Solution via Innovative Mechanical Design

The finest metal unibody handset

■ Sturdy performance from Taiwan superior craftsmanship.

■ 3D forming technique enhance a better texture and thinner look.

■ Exclusive pollution-free surface treatment offering multi-colored of metallic luster finish and a perfect defense from scratch and fingerprint.

Delicate ID and colors

■ Inspired by handcrafted fine jewelry the mobile phone becomes a fashion accessory rather than just a communication device.

■ Varied patterns & colors tailored one’s need.

■ Quick disassembly mechanical design making style changing very easy.

Win-win solution

Utilizing King Slide’s quick disassembly design to reduce assembly hours and cost; and furthermore, improve the efficiency to achieve the win-win.

Quick repair and save cost

■ Multiple use of the components with quick release design makes it serving an ease.

■ Green to environment with the use of easy recyclable, low pollution and energy saving material.

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