Question & Answer

  Where to buy King Slide product?
King Slide Products can be purchased in the following 2 ways:
(1) Contact customer service agent through service network.
King Slide Works Co., Ltd.(Headquarter)
ADD: No. 299 Shun An Rd., Lu Zhu Dist.,Kaohsiung City 82150, Taiwan.
TEL: +886-7-959-9688
FAX: +886-7-696-7018
King Slide Technology Co., Ltd.
ADD: No. 6 Luke 9th Rd.,Kaohsiung Science Park, Lu Zhu Dist.,Kaohsiung City 82151, Taiwan.
TEL: +886-7-976-1688
FAX: +886-7-950-2345
King Slide USA, Inc.
ADD: 12989 Bellaire Blvd #8, Houston, TX 77072, U.S.A.
TEL: +1-713-750-9063
FAX: +1-713-750-9127
King Slide Technology (China) Co., Ltd.
ADD: Building 11, No.509 Renqing Rd.,Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201201, China
TEL: +86-21-5011-1899
FAX: +86-21-5068-9988
China Beijing Office
ADD: Room 602, Unit 2, Building 11,Xima Jinrun Second Zone,Fengtai District, Beijing, China.
TEL: +86-010-8772-9381
FAX: +86-010-8772-9381
(2) 「Contact us」through our website for professional products consultant.
  Installation queries after purchasing?
Please refer to the "Question & Answer" and "Trouble Shooting". If it still can’t be resolved, please click "Contact Us" or contact with our assigned personal through helpline.
  How do I select a suitable hardware for furniture?
Please confirm the application and weight loading first. Then refer to the online store for suitable products, or contact us via the helpline.
  How to get started with furniture hardware accessories installation?
Locate the slide model on the carton packaging side mark, and download the corresponding product installation manual on Furniture, Kitchen accessory page.
  Why the soft closing slide can't work properly?
The cause for soft closing slide's dis-function is usually result from the following factors during installation, please inspect according to the following procedures:
  • (1) Check Side Space (Clearance):
    First check the side space between the cabinet and drawer is within the tolerance. Please refer to the corresponding product side space (clearance) instruction on Furniture, Kitchen accessory page.Please contact the cabinet maker if cabinet side space (clearance) is 1mm greater than the designated side tolerance.
  • (2) Inspect the build precision of the cabinet and the drawer:
    If the reasonable tolerance of the actual side space (clearance) is within 1mm, please follow troubleshooting guidance to conduct cabinet inspection to ensure the cabinet build accuracy of the cabinet. The cabinet and the drawer must be in perfect square and rectangular shape. If the drawer or the cabinet is not parallel or is in diamond shape, it will affect the soft closing slide's functionality.
  • (3) Check drawer slide installation:
    To release the drawer and cabinet, press the inner member release tab and pull out the drawer to detach. Make sure middle and outer member are paralleled and leveled, and that the inner member is set against drawer front panel tightly and is well-leveled. The drawer slide installation details will affect the slide's functionality.
    If your cabinet meets all the above mentioned requirements, and the problems still exist, please do not hesitate to contact us, and a specialist will be assigned to assist you.
For cabinet complies with above requirement but still fail to function properly, please contact us for further professional assistance.
  Why push open slide has short ejection distance, or unable to perform push open function?
The Push Open Slide will not function properly if the side space (clearance) is out of the specified tolerance. Please refer to product information on Furniture Kitchen Accessory Page.
  How do I resolve the noise for the push open slide?
First check slide middle and outer member are installed leveled and aligned against the cabinet wall. When the slide is not properly installed, the noise may result from mechanism interference, thus shorten the slide ejection distance.
  Why cabinet door is unable to close properly?
First identify the cabinet door thickness of the hinge application; the standard hinge door thickness is in between 16mm-18mm. For cabinet with door thickness greater than 18mm, 9256 will become the suitable hinge to use as it supports up to door thickness of 30mm. Ensure the hinge base plates are leveled and aligned. The standard distance from the center of hinge base plate to the edge of the cabinet wall should be 37mm.
  Why 9255 face framed soft closing hinges tend to close more slowly?
Different size and weight of the cabinet door affects the door closing speed, King Slide 9255 face framed soft closing hinges features 3 steps closing speed adjustment, which allows cabinet door closing to have consistency even for different weight and size doors.