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SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System
with Push-Open, silent Soft-Closing and VSD.
Three Innovations:
Vibration Safety Design  (VSD)
Drawer does not pop out under accidental shaking or vibration*.
Ever-Active Push-Open Design
Drawer can be push-opened from a closed or any partially-opened position and smoothly soft-closed without bouncing back.
Switchable Push-Open Design
Push-open function can be enabled or disabled by a simple flip of a switch. Designers are able to adjust the product function based on their needs.
Designed for Convenience
Push to open feature. Push any position of the front to open the drawer.

Synchronized Movements
The synchronized movements of three racks not only minimize noises but enable more smooth running motions.
Max. Load 40 & 70 kg
The Medium & heavy duty rail systems can carry maximum weights of 40 kg and 70 kg so that even heavy drawers run swimmingly without a hitch.
Easy Assembly & Removal
The exclusive locking device is built in the metal box. Simply insert the metal box into the slide to complete the installation or press the locking device to remove the drawer.
8-Way Adjustment
Aligning the gap around the drawer front and depth can be done more precisely with new adjustment devices.
Designed for Esthetics
13mm Ultra Slim Drawer Slide
4 Drawer Heights
4 Colors
Color Review:

3D forming and stamping techniques are adopted to create the metallic stripes with luxury textures. Streakline series adds the finishing touch to the drawer side.

King Slide allows the possibilities of your creativity. The selected patterns can be combined with our drawer profile colors for your preferences.

New technology enables the craftsmanship with fine line prints, guilloche patterns, and line weaves. Carbon is available in black and silver. The exquisite textures of Carbon and creative combination of drawer profiles simply go with the elegant interior design of any living space.
Standard Series
•MABA│ 97 mm
•MACA│138 mm
•MADA│185 mm
•MAEA│249 mm
Streakline Series
•MABB│ 97 mm
•MACB│138 mm
•MADB│185 mm
•MAEB│249 mm
Pattern Series
•MABC│ 97 mm
•MACC│138 mm
•MADC│185 mm
•MAEC│249 mm
Soft Closing Undermount Slide
Heavy Duty (70kg, 16 mm) 1L98
Medium Duty (40kg, 16 mm)/td> 1N98
Push Open + Soft Closing
Undermount Slide
Heavy Duty (70kg, 16 mm) 1L86
Medium Duty (40kg, 16 mm) 1N86

If you would like to learn the application of SIMLEAD Safety Drawer System or other related issues, please send your enquiry through Contact Us and we will arrange someone to contact you as soon as we can.

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