SIMLEAD Metal Drawer System
124 Patents Worldwide
The Ultimate Solution to Achieving Convenience
An elegant all-mechanical drawer system with 13mm metal walls and full extension

Ever-Active Push Open Design

Hands-free drawer opening with just a light touch, especially when your hands are busy. The drawer opens with a gentle ejection force and stops softly if it hits an object. To extend the drawer, simply touch again to slide out.

Switchable Push Open Design

A 2-in-1 solution: you can easily change from a dual-function setting with push open and soft close to a soft close only setting at a flip of a switch.

Vibration Safety Design (VSD)

Secures and locks the drawer in a closed position during transportation or any unexpected vibration (e.g., earthquakes), preventing injuries from furniture tip-overs.

Easy Assembly & Removal

Our exclusive locking devices make installation quick and easy. Simply fix the front panel by clicking the mounted locking devices onto the metal walls, then insert the drawer into the cabinet to complete the installation. To remove the drawer, press the locking devices on the bottom-front to release.

8-Way Adjustment

Front panel alignment can be precisely done with our built-in mechanisms.
1. Depth (In & Out) Adjustment: +/-2.5mm
2. Side-to-side (Left & Right) Adjustment: +/-1.5mm
3. Height (Up & Down) Adjustment: +/-2mm
4. Tilt Adjustment

Designed for Convenience

Push any point on the front panel to open the drawer.

Synchronized Movements

Smooth and quiet running motions.

40 & 70kg (88 & 154lb) Loading Capacities

Fully loaded drawers run swimmingly without a hitch.

Standard Series
● 13mm Ultra Slim Drawer Sides
● 4 Drawer Heights
● 4 Colors
Streakline Series
Advanced stamping and surface finishing techniques are adopted to create the luxurious metallic stripe textures, adding a unique touch to the drawer side.
Motif Series
All of the patterns below can be paired with any standard colors, extending the scope of your creativity. Click on the patterns to visualize.
Motif Series
All the patterns below can be paired with any of the four standard colors, providing immense possibilities to your creativity. Click to visualize.
SIMLEAD Inner Drawer
Simple Installation
Our patented front connectors are easy to install. Simply align with the pre-drilled holes and fix with the screws provided.
SIMLEAD Box with Gallery Rail
Organized Storage Management
Storage space can be organized into multiple layers according to personal preferences and storage needs.

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