King Slide assesses three main sustainability topics related to our stakeholders, namely sustainability on economic, environment and social issues. We further identify 25 sub-topics to strengthen the relationship with stakeholders who are crucial to our operations (Employees, Government agencies, Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, Community residents). King Slide conducts annual CSR survey to gain a deep understanding from stakeholders on their CSR topics of concern. The results are revealed regularly in our CSR reports and are the basis on which we set targets and make improvements.

Complaints, appeals and suggestions
In order to fulfill its commitment to stakeholders, while respecting and protecting their legitimate rights and interests, King Slide has set up various communication and appeal channels, which shall uphold the principle of integrity, timely and appropriate handling, and active responses when dealing with all cases. The reporting person shall be protected, expects no retaliation, and be ensured that the case is treated confidentially.

● Internal line:(07)959-9688 ext.6046
● External line:(07)959-8830
● Internal and external

Please see Communication channels for Stakeholders for more details.